Microfiltration, reduce suspended matter to the limit.

Traditionally through a decantation process (flocculation + decantation) and filtering, currently through high-performance filters, which are more economical and compact.

We offer you the solution that best suits your needs.

Disc Filters

The ideal solution for the treatment of large flows that require a high reduction in suspended matter. Modular, robust and reliable equipment, which are at the same time compact and economical.

Drum Filters

Very robust and reliable, compact and economic equipment. They are the right product to treat medium flows that require a high reduction in suspended matter.

Sand Filters

Pressure or gravity, continuous or process washing, in steel tanks or in concrete ... We have a lot of experience in the design of sand filters, let us offer you our services.

Disinfection, eliminate microorganisms and pathogens..

Physical-chemical processes that eradicate microorganisms without discrimination (bacteria, viruses, protozoa ...) and inhibit the growth of pathogens in the vegetative phase.

The last process.

Ultra Violet

Equipment in reactor or channel, as required by the installation. High level of disinfection at reasonable investment and operating costs.


Due to its great oxidizing power and its zero residuality, it is a very effective process, especially in the treatment of drinking water.

Chlorination and derivatives

The traditional disinfection system: economical and highly reliable. Insurance for disinfection, in any situation.